School Nutrition Association of Kansas

About Us

SNA-KS Mission Statement:

SNA-KS will support and empower members in their pursuit of successful school nutrition programs.

SNA-KS Vision:

All involved in school nutrition and wellness are dedicated to successful Child Nutrition Programs.

  • Strategic Plan  ‐ Includes goals, objectives and strategies that the association will follow over the next 3 years.
  • BYLAWS ‐ Governing rules.
  • Standing Rules ‐ Rules of procedure that add further detail to the Bylaws.   


  • Networking
  • Partnership with Industry
  • Marketing
  • Education and Training
  • Personal/Professional Growth
  • Strengths of others from group
  • Trust and Dependability
  • Resources – District Profiles
  • Pride in what we do
  • United Voices

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