School Nutrition Association of Kansas

Awards & Scholarships

SNA celebrates members who work every day to ensure well-nourished students across the country are prepared for success.

Spread the word about SNA-KS and National applications and help recognize the great work SNA members accomplish!

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State Awards & Scholarships

SNA Member Awards

There is a SNA Award for every member type:

All nominees must be SNA members who are SNA certified throughout the entire awards process. All award nominations must be submitted by March 1 of each year. Kansas award winners are automatically considered for national awards in the same category.


Recognizes Local SNA Chapters in Kansas

SNA local chapters are the grassroots of SNA. A thriving local chapter provides training and professional development opportunities that will give members a chance to share ideas, successes and challenges together with peers in supportive environments. Chapters are full of friends and fun, give back to the community in a meaningful way, and advocate for school nutrition programs and work with school nutrition professionals on a local level.

Each year, SNA-KS recognizes the local chapters for their dedication and commitment to both the members and community, all the while, striving to accomplish SNA’s mission and focus.

SNA Chapter award winners are recognized at the SNA-KS Fall Conference each year.


Well-nourished students prepared for success.


Educating and empowering members to provide healthy meals to foster an environment where children achieve overall wellness and lifelong success.


Please submit this FORM to: Karla Capansky, President e-mail to:


Celebrate AND share a nutrition event. This award is open to any SNA-KS school foodservice employee. 

Has your school sponsored a nutrition event that could be replicated in another school district to promote school nutrition programs? Please share your ideas! Is your school doing fun, interesting and rewarding activities for the students at your school? Did your school celebrate a nutrition event, a theme day, or celebrate Kansas School Lunch or Breakfast week? Apply to be recognized by SNA-KS for your outstanding work. Application deadline is May 31st.

Click HERE to apply


The School Nutrition Association of Kansas Education Scholarship is awarded annually to school food service personnel who have an interest in furthering their career and refining their skills in school food service. The number of scholarships awarded will be determined by the funds available annually by the SNA-KS Board.

Applications are accepted for classes or courses taken in the CURRENT YEAR ONLY from June 1 of the preceding year to May 31 of the current year. Applications must be postmarked no later than May 31 of the current year to be approved at the annual June SNA-KS Board Meeting.

~Applicant must be a current member of SNA-KS.

Click HERE to apply

SNF Scholarships for SNA Members 

Scholarships and grants are available through the School Nutrition Foundation, the philanthropic sister organization of SNA, for active SNA members to:

For more information and to apply for a scholarship or grant, please click on the links above.



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